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Early mornings is a good time to meditate. Our mind is pretty fresh and no other activity has taken right of way. Our center is not spread to multiple tasks and it is easy to meditated. Also in early mornings, most of the world around us is still asleep, so all the feelings from their activities are also summary. It's easy to think. Nowadays, we are faced with many distractions. You just can’t count in how many ways we are unfocused. And a student has other distractions bearing in mind their age. With all these, you just can’t sit and meditate in peace. So the best meditation for a student must take care of these factors. It should successfully engage the person practicing it. One such meditation is mantra meditation. The method is simple. Choose a mantra. Sit at ease. Start chanting in a soft voice. It should be loud enough that you can hear but not too loud that others get disturbed. Don’t worry about being rigid with sitting position. You can close your eyes if you get unfocused by setting. You can open your eyes if you feel tired. No rigid rules. Students deal with a lot of tension and lack of motivation. After getting into a basic thoughtful state, a great meditation for students could be the method of visualization. As students you are assume to make your studies as your meditation, life of a student is the best life as you get to explore new things and become more alert of reality. Study with focus and it will become a meditation for you! Meditation more often than not involves sitting in one spot for a certain period of time, so it is main to release any tension or tightness before you begin. A couple of minutes of light stretching can help plan both your body and mind for meditation.

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