I need to finish my homework but instead I’m writing a suicide note

Do you play in a band and what to share your music? Are you listening to a particularly excellent artist and you want to spread the word? Or have you created a particularly amazing Spotify playlist and you want to share it? If so, post it here. Any great gigs happening?
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I don’t get why all of us round me can finish their schoolwork so nicely. i used to be a clever youngster however I don’t know a way to have a look at, it takes me hours to complete a single task and that i feel like i'm able to’t get away. For every task I end there’s some other three waiting for me. I want to do stuff, there’s a lot in life I need to do, but my boss gained’t allow me stop my process and all I do now could be observe and now not-pretty complete projects and then go to sleep due to the fact I’m continuously exhausted and Pay Someone To Do My Homework. I haven’t talked to a person who isn’t my mother in weeks. I’m usually exhausted and i feel so lazy, however if I don’t preserve running on college I’ll fall behind and be in a lot trouble. Plus, if I don’t get ninety’s this yr I won’t have a risk at college.

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