Mo` Funk - Connect The Thoughts (Album) [MFR102]

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Majestic Family Records proudly presents third album
"Connect The Thoughts" from Mo' Funk.

Download Link:

Goran Juric aka Mo' Funk is a music producer and live performer from Croatia.
He fell in love with electronic music in 1997 after hearing The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers for the firs time.
Few years later he got into techno and house music introduced to him by his friends who started to buy vinyls and were DJ-ing at local clubs.
This inspired him to try producing his own tracks and he put a lot of effort, time and hard work to get where he is right now.
His music can be described as energetic blend of techy and progressive sounds where a
good groove matters the most.After gained experience, in 2009 he started to release his music.Releases on labels such as Balkan Connection, Green House
and Liquid Grooves gave him the opportunity to be supported by a lot of respected artist.
His newest project is a live set in collaboration with his best friend, DJ and upcoming producer Asta Nova.
Recently he signed for some new labels: Soundteller, Electronic Tree, Majestic Family, The Purr,
Insomniafm, Music To Please Friends and Mystic Carousel, so watch
out for his new releases in the future.


Cat#: MFR102
Beatport release date: October 13th, 2014
iTunes release date: November 10st, 2014
Genre: Progressive House
Format: Digital
Stores: Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload


1. Mo' Funk - I Woke Up In Bali (Original Mix)
2. Mo' Funk - Fjord (Original Mix)
3. Mo' Funk & Danny Glavan - Bounty Hunters (Original Mix)
4. Mo' Funk - Easy Boy (Original Mix)
5. Mo' Funk & Hansgod - No One Else (Original Mix)
6. Mo' Funk & Asta Nova - Bright Night (Original Mix)
7. Mo' Funk - God's Love (Orignal Mix)
8. Mo' Funk - Eternal Spark (Original Mix)
9. Mo' Funk - Evaporate (Original Mix)
10. Mo' Funk & Danny Glavan - Bounty Hunters (Mo' Funk's Catch Of The Day Mix)
11. Mo' Funk - Dharma (Orignal Mix)
12. Mo' Funk & Hansgod - No One Else (Mo' Funk's Lonely Mix)
13. Mo' Funk - Sonar Con Terra (Original Mix)


Cosmic Gate, Nick Muir,Shingo Nakamura, Gareth Emery,
Ad brown, Andy Moor, David Granha, Scott Williams,
Vintage & Morelli, Shane Robinson, Maxi Iborquiza and etc.

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