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Tue Jul 22, 2014 12:30 pm

Wait! What's that noise? Is it the sound of mercury rising? We didn't think it could get any hotter this summer but Stradbally is set to sizzle in August with the addition of 23 scorching new acts that are set to bake in the Picnic Basket.


Chief amongst the new hotties is James Vincent McMorrow who’s never far away from a sizzling set list. His latest, Post Tropical has reaffirmed his pedigree on the music scene. Armed with a guitar and a bag load of rave reviews from around the world McMorrow is set to deliver a tropical show all of its own climate.

Aaron Jerome aka SBTRKT (pronounced ‘subtract’) may hide his identity with ceremonial African masks in order to let the music speak for itself but by harvesting hypnotic fusions of garage, house and techno with heavy bass and sophisticated percussion SBTRKT creates 90's inspired electro dubstep.

Bombay Bicycle Club make a triumphant and popular return to the Picnic, having outdone themselves this year with their chart topping album So Long, See You Tomorrow. This London based, indie-rooted act, who in Zane Lowe’s opinion gave us the ‘Hottest Track in the World’, in the form of Beg, will be greeted by an abundance of adoring revellers this August.

Mercury Prize nominees, Wild Beasts, will come armed this August with an array of thumping bass lines and dominating poppy synths in the form of their four astounding albums, including their latest delivery, Present Tense. Fresh from a beastly set at Glastonbury along with a tour taking in Australia and Japan, Electric Picnickers are in for a real treat as this indie rocking dream-team, prepare to unleash their wild side.

Causing a raw ripple of excitement and selling out shows left, right and centre it is with open arms that Stradbally welcomes The 1975. With an expertly developed mix of electro, R&B, 80’s gloss pop and art rocking sounds, this four-piece have encrypted a power that has captured a strong standing and ever growing fan base. Most recently released The City has taken the group to dizzier heights and is a perfect snapshot of the bands shape-shifting appeal.

Prepare to be taken to festival Church by the musically revered Hozier. Having jam packed the Little Big Tent last year, we have no doubt that crowds will be wowed once again by the Bray man’s effortlessly sounding vocal executions. With a self-titled debut album due for release this September, festival goers should brace themselves for a sneak peak of new musical treats via his magically bluesy and haunting cadences. Prepare to be captivated people!

Having lifted the roof off Casa Bacardi last year, self-taught London producer with their Nu-Disco-House beats, Hercules & Love Affair are Stradbally bound once again to electrify the Picnic. With their brand new albumThe Feast Of The Broken Heart, NYC born DJ, Andrew Butler and co., will no doubt leave eager electo-ears elated with what is set to be a stomper performance showcasing their latest tracks.

Often compared to Björk, PJ Harvey and Kate Bush, Choice Music prize nominee and Meteor Ireland Award winner, Cathy Davey will play Trailer Park this year alongside her retro blue caravan, filled with her horse rescuer pals who find homes for abandoned horses. Catch them hanging out, playing music and lining up a load of secret gigs.

Icelandic, singer-songwriter, Asgeir will land on Stradbally soil this August for his debut Picnic performance. The festive fields will be filled with sounds from his In the Silence album. Having become an overnight sensation in Iceland, the 22 year old, melodic-folk-singer has been busy breaking records and decorating his mantel piece with coveted Awards from his homeland. Music lovers in search of a shiny new musical treat this year should find this Icelandic gem.

It’s Nick Mulvey’s first time to play the Picnic as a solo artist. He has just released his debut studio album First Mind, an album with offerings perfectly suited to festively charged vibes. Born in England, Mulvey travelled further afield to Cuba where he studied his musical craft and played with Mercury Prize nominated band Portico Quartet until 2011. He has since carved a strong singer-songwriter path for himself. Soundly satisfying, we can’t wait to catch him in his solo stance.

If you’re looking for something quite stunningly original, then look no further than electronic, singer songwriter, Sampha with his hypnotic DJ set. Known widely for a calibre of collaborations with the likes of SBTRKT, Drake and Solange Knowles, revellers' ears are set to be serenaded by soulfully drenched vocals that are cleverly merged with pulsing electronic beats.

Most famous for her unique voice and recent single Younger, Seinabo Sey has a remarkable essence to her voice. The Swedish, pop-soul songstress will be a patently unforgettable fit to this year’s Picnic bill. Sey’s most recent creation achieves a soulful encryption of charismatic vocals and catchy rhythms. Picnic punters will surely have a Hard Time forgetting this lady.

Glaswegian, electro-experimental genius Rustie has mastered a fusion of low-slung beats with lashings of electronic mutterings, supplemented by fluidly morphed bass lines and textures. With the release of his second album, due out this August, Green Language will undoubtedly enthral festive ears. Picnickers will be left in awe from his set!

From rave reviews in Rolling Stone to performing on Letterman with sold out shows all over Europe and feted by everyone from Zane Lowe to Conan O'Brien, it has been quite a year for The Strypes. 2014 has seen the Cavan foursome deliver way beyond any expectation. Beyond busy, they will interrupt their recording with Modfather, Paul Weller, to play the Picnic and as soon as they play their final note, they jet off to London for a second show that same night.

Walking On Cars need no introduction to the bill of this year’s Picnic, having gained massive kudos in the past three years. This auspicious, Dingle five-piece have well and truly earned a generous bite of the festival cake. With an edgy modern rock-pop sound, revellers are in for a treat in the form of distinctive lead vocals, big sounding melodies and infectious harmonies. We sure have these guys earmarked as a pick of the Picnic basket!

Subtly carving quite a name for themselves here on home turf, Dublin four-piece Le Galaxie are taking flight to the rest of the world with their most recent release Humanise. With the ability to fuse guitar wizardry, shimmering synths and legendary live shows, Le Galaxie are set to serve up a slice of unadulterated disco joy this Picnic.

Get ready to be taken from The Cradle To The Rave by Dublin DJ, Marcus Lambkin AKA, Shit Robot. With an impressive tour lined up touching the US, Asia and Europe, it would be remiss not to witness and embrace the sounds of Lambkin’s masterminding techno sound on his third EP performance. As his latest offering suggests We (sure)Got A Love for Shit Robot.

Eclectic, Electric Picnic veteran BP Fallon, will once again lure festival goers with his ‘Musical Witch Doctor’ presence this year. BP will fuse with the exuberant musical excellence of Texas duo, The Ghost Wolves on their first performance outside the States. With the release of I’m Still Legal this July, punters will no doubt flock in their droves to witness this old school bluesy, below-the-belt guitar, primal drums and righteous lyrical collaboration, ‘it’s crazy, crazy’ uber-cool!

Wicklow-born, Toronto-based, dance/punk fused outfit, Nightbox, will spellbind Stradbally once again this year with deliverance of their distinguished glitchy synths, magnetising hooks and glorious guitar sounds. Having met in secondary school and relocated to Toronto in 2010, this five-piece have emerged all guns blazing with their reputation showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Hailing from Brisbane, the Sheppard siblings, Amy, George and Emma proved they were musically talented from an early age, adding non family members Jay, Michael and Dean to the mix brought new found fame and followers. If you’re looking for a sugar hit then look no further than Sheppard with their huge dose of sweetness and the boundless energy of six big kids.

Fresh on the musical radar and first timers to the Picnic come spirited, rock and roll, four-piece The Whereabouts. With a renewed rhythm and blues essence, these newbies exude a youthful passion and drive which no doubt will transpire across the festive grass lands of Stradbally. Picknickers get ready to rock ‘n’ roll your socks off.

Continually pushing the Orchestra-esque boundaries, the full force of Trinity Orchestra will return this year for their third prestigious Picnic performance, comprised of stunning symphonic strings, wind and brass. With score sheets set to the sounds of Queen, Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros and Pink Floyd, what better way to recharge your wellies than to the soothing sounds of the Orchestra.

Hallelujah! There is no better way to start your Stradbally Sunday, than waking up to the sound of soaring voices of the Dublin Gospel Choir on the main stage. Cleanse that unwashed soul with their Sunday Service performance at midday.

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