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In his Ted Chat, Niall Ferguson claims for six"killer apps" that enabled the western world to control the global economy. These programs, or so he states, are competition, scientific revolution, land rights, modern medicine, a customer based society and a solid work ethic. The most important of these seems to be land rights because of the autonomy they grant taxpayers. In his talk, Ferguson referenced a quote from Winston Churchill,"This means a society based upon the view of civilians ❲...❳ That is culture -- and in its own dirt grow constantly liberty, relaxation and civilization,"(mention ). This quote illustrates the significance of land rights, the ability to own one's house --with the promise of maintaining itempowers the common man. Here lies the significance of property rights in a society, not merely the land itself, but the precedent it sets for the function of civilians. This role is one not of those unwittingly governed, rather the entrepreneurial individual. How then, has China been the next strongest economy in the world, despite shunning capitalism altogether? It seems that they've created the same motivation to work with no promise of land ownership or another form of security. This suggests that property rights aren't an essential"killer app" whatsoever. All that is required is the denial of a crucial right that's achievable through economic success. This might be anything; healthcare, a living wage, education, all of these will result in a strong work ethic. It appears China isn't the only person who has realized this, western countries such as the U.S. have caught on. Let us return to the subject of Ferguson's six apps. It is apparent that land rights aren't the necessity here after all, governments do not have to give their citizens anything in order to get dominance. In fact, they could do just also by taking something away. Therefore,"property rights" should instead be"shortage of rights which can only be earned through labour" when being employed as a rulebook for modern societies. In general, Ferguson's claims are not incorrect, so much as they place undue faith in contemporary governments to choose humanity over efficiency. Because of this, competition, work ethic, and property rights are all closely related. The access to property rights is not equivicobal with attainability. Thusly, people have the motivation to work for these rights; motivation breeds a strong work ethic and a large population of motivated individuals working to reach the exact same thing strains contest. These variables are responsible The excellent Diversion and economic success of western, capitalist societies. Capitalism thrives on competition and it is capitalism that is ultimately responsible for western success within the east. In his Ted Chat, Niall Ferguson claims for six"killer apps" that enabled the western world to dominate the international economy.
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