Sunday 26th – Thursday 30th August – electric picnic

The main forum where you can talk about the festival - from the line-ups to camping advice and everything in between. Also forum for generally chatting and talking about things.
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There was a bit of rain every now and then this year so the fine John Dooley got a loan of a small marquee from JD (a local man also working the festival) that sat beside his camper. This was perfect for watching films if it happened to be raining and John had a fine selection of films and the Father Ted box set, so back to back episodes to keep the laughs coming laughing at our Irish follies.
I was working at the production gate again this year directing arrivals to a temporary car park and to their health and safety induction where they would get temporary wristbands. Working with two other volunteers Shannon and her boyfriend Cian and changed over to two different volunteers during the week. I brought the beat box with playlists of Massive Attack, Death Grips and the Prodigy among others. See here to buy essays.
Security was telling me on Tuesday that themselves and the Gardai were chasing some fence jumpers, which made me wonder, where the hell would they go with the festival not due on till three days, hide in one of the portaloos perhaps.

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Now need to make some free time to be part of this electric picnic. It will be so much fun, shell shockers

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