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Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:27 am

First two episodes of shot in the dark on netflix is amazing, the rest is so so, a little samey but those first two are so good.
It's about real life "nightcrawler" types, lads who chase accidents and incidents to film it and sell to the media.

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Mon Jan 22, 2018 2:01 pm

Star Trek was decent since the break, two really good eps, but today's one is kind of treading water again.

The whole first section was all in with war against the Klingons, then suddenly they've veered into the parallel universe thing. They could have gotten full season storylines out of both of those, so why would they choose to essentially abandon one for the other.

It feels indecisive, like shit the war storyline wasn't working. They've played the mirror universe card WAY too soon, that should have been the cliffhanger into season 2.

It feels like Burnham's log is going to say at some stage, "we were at war with the Klingons, but that's not important anymore..."

Also, not sure why gratuitous violence bothers me so much. Georgiou gruesomely murders like five nameless people in the blink of an eye just to keep a secret, then some other guard brings a rando new character in who they tell us is a mirror version of Lorca's friend, and executes him on the spot.

I know the mirror people are cruel and violent, but if there's no context to the deaths it feels unwarranted, kinda sadistic; to give the audience something THEY think it wants.

Also, Michelle Yeoh is beautiful, but a terrible actor.

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