Seatwave — where are my EP tickets?

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I ordered and paid for a ticket to EP 2017 in Loais, Ireland, on Saturday, August 26th. I did this through Seatwave because the official Electric Picnic website recommends Seatwave as an official reseller when all other tickets have been sold out and because the EP site guarantees that the tickets are genuine (I paid €42 to Seatwave for this guarantee). So far so good.

I received an email yesterday to tell me the order had been dispatched and was given a tracking number. However, as Seatwave is a UK site, when I enter the tracking number, the site says it is an 'invalid number' because it is an Irish (overseas) reference. I need to track this ticket because Seatwave tells me in its confirmation email that it must be signed for on delivery.

The courier is UPS. I called them but the Seatwave tracking number means nothing to them and they don't have my address on their system. So, a couple of things:

1. If Seatwave is going to do business with Irish customers, does it not behove them to allow Irish customers to track their order?
2. If EP is recommending Seatwave as an official partner site, should EP not check this kind of thing before recommending them?
3. Why is there no contact information given for Seatwave anywhere, ie email address, as I can get no response from the telephone number? Also, the Seatwave website recommends that we contact them if the ticket has not arrived five days before the event. That's fine, but not much use if they cannot be contacted.
4. I bought the ticket for my son and he is due to go to the event in four days and I am now worried that the ticket will not arrive.

If somebody has any information on how I can get some satisfaction on this, I would appreciate it. I would prefer to to 'go legal' on this but I will if I have to.


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You are better off contacting the official Electric Picnic Facebook, no one related to festival is here

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Thanks for your reply, appreciate it.

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Thank you so much. I hope to hear more updates from you.
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