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Rob wrote:Anything in particular that got the Dead Rabbit pub voted best in the world? And on the back of that, is it not always rammed?

A friend of mine runs a lot of successful cocktail bars in the UK. He visited the Dead Rabbit last year and said that the menu of drinks alone is good enough for it the win best bar in the world.
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We went in about 2pm in an afternoon, got a seat at the bar. It was fairly full but not rammed. Planned to go back one evening but never got round to it.

Couldn't tell you what it did to win the vote, but it is really nicely designed and the drinks were pretty good.
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Have a wedding invite for NY in Nov, still to decide if we're going or not but if we do we'd only have a day or two to see the city. What would be the must see's if you'd only 24/48hrs there.

I know everybody loves the place but it's not somewhere I've ever had much interest in going to so the wedding might be the push I need.
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I only had 3/4 days there the other year. thought Central Park and the 9/11 memorial Museum were both outstanding.

Also went up the One World Trade Centre. it was good and all, but not must see for me unless you really the view. Got a play on broadway which was great (written by Larry David, starring Jason Alexander) so would depend on something yous wanted showing.

Other than that, kinda just explored some different neighbourhoods. I'm sure others will have tonnes more suggestions
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For views, go up to the top of the Rockefeller Centre just before sunset and wait around until the sun goes down. Likewise, get the subway over to Brooklyn, get a pizza and eat it while watching the sun go down on Manhattan. Then walk the bridge back.

I went to a Mets game and loved it. Don't go see the New York Red Bulls though. The stadium's way out and you'd see a better standard in your local park on a Sunday.

The Met is brilliant. Set aside a couple of hours for it though, it's huge.

Walk the High Line.

Hang out in Bryant Pk

Other than that just stroll about. I was similar to Percy in that I wasn't ever really pushed about visiting but I went last year and loved it.
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