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Eucrid wrote:

Not sure what to make of all this.

Lets see..


First 3 tick the box for anti-inflamatory / allergy drugs.
The last two should be more easily avoidable.

Medical records are private but Venus' response:

"I have followed the rules established under the Tennis Anti-Doping Program in applying for, and being granted, ‘therapeutic use exemptions’. The applications for TUEs under the Tennis Anti-Doping Program require a strict process of approval which I have adhered to when serious medical conditions have occurred.”

Does not fill you with confidence. "Dude, i had period pains, mind your own fucking business!" would've been better.

Be amazing / gas if she had arthritis.

Eucrid wrote:It sounds dodgy as fuck to me. Russian = cheat, American = therapeutic exemption.

Yeah, note the double standards at play with US headlines.

Simone Biles and Williams Sisters Latest Target of Russian Hackers
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Well it's a different methodology if it is cheating. Maybe the TUEs are handed out very easily, I don't know, but it follows the approved procedure and is potentially available to anybody, what the Russians were doing was supplying drugs and attempting to cover up failed tests. If it was as easy to dope athletes as dishing out a load of TUEs then you'd imagine the russians would have a load of willing doctors on their books
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You can't really compare that to what the Russians have done for decades tbh
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If the roles were reversed and if it had been american hackers targeting Russian athletes, do you think the western media would have run sympathetic headlines like they did? Its dodgy as fuck. You can be sure as hell that the americans are doping just as much as the Russians are. Everyone does it

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