What are you currently listening to?

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my basis was that i love both, thats about it! Id find it hard to listen to most rap music but those 2 are glorious
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My two favourites albums recently have been

J.Cole - 4 your eyez only
Anderson .Paak - Malibu

Listened to Isaiah Rashad for the first time at the weekend. His stuff is really good too by the sounds of it, need to give it a listen.

Couldnt believe that J.Cole sold out the 3arena in 10 minutes. Didnt realise he was that popular here
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The new Serial Podcast; S-Town.

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Great Podcast, and while the story was great and all, it was nothing compared to Uncle Jimmy. The ultimate hype man.





"bokoos and bokoos"

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Just finished it today. Really didn't like the first episode and was all set to drop it but glad I didn't. It turned into something great after episode 2.
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Enjoying S-Town a lot. Trying to save some episodes for the weekend.

I binged on Heavyweight last week. Jonathan Goldstein (another This American Lifer) helps people explore pivotal moments in their lives and consider how things might have gone differently. It's not as serious as I make it sound there.
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Mono No Aware

Great compilation of ambient on Pan records.
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phpBB [video]
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