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Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:36 pm

Was over in the south of Spain at the end of December starting of January and took a liking to Spanish absenta, picked up a bottle of Mari Mayans at Malaga airport on the way back to Dublin. I absolutely love the stuff, getting a friend to take me back some Mari Mayans when he comes back from Malaga next week. Its such a bugger to get though in Ireland here and bloody expensive too, I ordered a bottle of Mari Mayans online from Barcelona but it got seized at Shannon airport by customs because it was 70% abv and the vendor in Barcelona never declared it as alcohol, so I received a nice letter from customs in the next few days saying the bottle came under restricted and prohibited goods plus the Barcelona vendor Classic Spirits was not an a proper authorised vendor.

So from now on will be checking when buying online that the vendor displays the excise tax too as well as the vat. I discovered that McCambridges in Galway had one kind of absinthe stocked but at 54.99 Euros and there are two or three places in Dublin, Celtic Whiskey shop and OBriens Wine but a hefty 30 Euro mark up on the import duty. I ordered a bottle of La Fee Parisienne from OBriens which arrived last week and its not too bad. Will be ordering some nice stuff from France soon called Jade PF 1905 which is supposed to be top notch. its crazy though you can buy a bottle of Mari Mayans for 17 Euros in Spain but add thirty Euros here and there you go.

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Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:47 pm

Have you written your local TD?

Who's running on the pro-absinthe platform in Galway? Renua?

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Sun Feb 21, 2016 1:34 pm

The absinthe bar in Barce claims to be the oldest bar in the city and has hookers lined up outside it.

Dangerous. If you're a fool.

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