Wikipedia’s guidelines for their editors

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There are certain guidelines which Wikipedia has offered, which are supposed to be followed by Wikipedia editors for hire at all cost to keep a standardized procedure.

Behavioral guideline mainly focuses on interaction, how one must socialize and behave. Editors must contribute for the welfare of the site and not for their own personal benefit. One of the major points from the behavioral guideline emphasis on tolerance for difference of views.

Apart from that, the site has content guidelines as well. Which solely focuses on the content within the site. Editors are not allowed to alter articles on themselves or the information provided within it.

Content within the site should not be questionable or offensive to anyone, it shall remain neutral and factual. Plagiarism is considered highly unethical and can cause dishonor for Wikipedia, therefore editors are instructed to give credits if they copy.

As for deletion guidelines, only the administration has the authority to delete content from the site. Editors are advised to stay away from that and in case it is needed, they have to go through a procedure in manner to get it deleted.

Style guideline’s focal point is to keep a standardized format for all their content within the site and it is the editor’s duty to make sure it remains the same overall.

Does this make you wonder how it would be like if you worked as an editor at Wikipedia?

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These guidelines will never work, sorry. Although they are really good. Your text should be consistent with their guidelines, plus there are certain significance criteria to be observed. The text could be taken care of by and as for the rest, you should tackle this.

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