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I watched Creed again yesterday. What a film. Stallone is flawless in it.

Great soundtrack, great performances, great atmosphere. And the third-act sports training montage, with the beatsy remix of the Rocky theme, is absolutely blinding.
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salt and fire

lasted 37 minutes, but that was probably longer than i should have given this
it's what robots acting would look like
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Alice Lowe (Sightseers) stars and directs in this. She plays an expectant mother who is being directed to murder a bunch of people by her unborn child. The victims are great, some real low life creepy fuckers, some not. It's uncomfortable to watch at times but it has its own peculiar sense of humour. Fans of Ben Wheatley's movies should give a look.
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I saw The Boss Baby. It was funny and quite charmingly sickly sweet. Solid 3.5/5
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Unfinished Business - Mostly decent comedy about a guy quitting his job and setting up his own rival business. He has to close a deal to keep his business afloat and has to chase it accompanied by his two inept employees. Nice background fodder. A gratuitous amount of nudity in it too.
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